Fair to exhibit extraordinary crafts

By Avainte Saunders

Published: Thursday, September 21, 2006

Updated: Saturday, June 16, 2012 02:06

fair.jpg Adrienne Raimo sells knitted items and other crafts at Skully’s during last year’s show.

The second annual Craftin’ Outlaws Alternative Craft Fair will be held this Saturday and Liz Rosino, the director and owner of Lucky Kat, expects it to be better than last year’s fair.

“There is really a broad range of work represented, and because I had so many applications this year for booths, I was able to pick and choose to really get a good variety of items,” Rosino said. “Some types of items you will find are cool purses and messenger bags, screen-printed T-shirts, jewelry, prints, soaps, candles, handbound journals, etc. Items ranging from rock ‘n’ roll and pulp-fiction pop to cute stuffed plush creatures and elegant stationary.”

Rosino said Craftin’ Outlaws is a chance for alternative crafters to get their names out to prospective consumers.

“I started my own small business to sell the clothing, accessories and art I was making and was looking for some venues to get out and sell beyond just the Web site I had,” Rosino said.

“My items are all handmade, but punk/rock and traditional tattoo-themed items don’t fit very well into the typical craft fair around. So online I discovered there were these ‘alternative’ craft fairs happening in cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee and Boston. They are really popping up in most major cities across the U.S., and I thought Columbus should have one too.”

Daniel Fox is the creator of skreened.com, which customizes T-shirts and other items. He is one of the 50 vendors featured at the fair and said he is optimistic about his table at Craftin’ Outlaws, adding the $40 registration fee was money well spent.

“I figured I’ll go and sell four shirts, and 40 bucks isn’t that big of a loss,” Fox said. “That’s the thing with crafters; everything has got to be cheap. And then just for the promotional aspect, just to get Skreened out there and let people know that they can do these things and incorporate them into their crafts or take something they did in Skreened and apply it more. It’s kind of a marketing thing for me too.”

Amy Jackson, owner of Plum of the Month, an internet-based gift club, will also have a booth at Craftin’ Outlaws.

“Plum of the Month is a subscription based club,” Jackson said. “So people buy subscriptions and then every month they get a different gift in the mail. Every gift that we send to people we call them a plum and once that month is over we call them prunes because they’re old plums. So we’re going to have some of the prunes on display so people can get an idea of the things that we generally choose.”

Handmade apparel by Amy Dalrymple, of clothing store AmyD, also will be on display at the fair, and said she is optimistic about the reception the craft fair will get this year.

“Everyone benefits from being in Craftin’ Outlaws in a number of ways,” Dalrymple said. “You get to meet other crafters and learn a thing or two about display, networking, and selling. You make money! And the number of people going through the place gets your name out there.”

The craft fair will be in the Short North at Skully’s Music Diner on Sept. 23 from noon to 8 p.m.

via Fair to exhibit extraordinary crafts – Arts – The Lantern – Ohio State University.


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